Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Your Very Own Repository On Cydia With iRepo

If you are a jailbrk fan and someone who uses Cydia then you will know that most of the jailbrk app and twks can be found on repositories. The BigBoss repo, for example, is where you can find the majority of twks available and everything is listed and it is very sy to navigate.

The problem with some of the larger repositories though is that they are over cluttered and browsing them to find something useful can be quite tedious. There are some smaller repositories too and many of these contain some apps and specific niches.

Crting your own repo is a grt way to keep a your own collection of apps. Sharing Cydia apps is fairly straightforward but you might find that some don�t comply with the allotted attachment e-mail space. The good news for you today is that there is an app to do this.

This app is called iRepo and it crtes an sy way for you to set up a repo and host your own .debs from your iDevice. It is fairly sy to set up too and all you have to do is purchase iRepo from Cydia, from the BigBoss repository. This grt app costs just 99 cents for a limited time so make sure you take advantage of it now while you still can. The price is sure to go up very soon.

What you will have to do is respring your device and open up iRepo. This app comes with a springboard icon so you can click on that to get to the configuration settings. Next you will have to think of a name for your repo, a label, description, name and a short description of its contents. You can also add a if you want to restrict access. Next all you have to do is hit save and then shuffle over to status and tap enable repo. Your very own repo will now be officially online and all you have to do now is fill it with some packages.

In order to do all this, you will of course need to have a jail iPhone or iPad and there are plenty of tools available that will allow you to do just this.

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