Tuesday, May 24, 2016

What�s New With iOS 5 Beta 2

iOS Beta 2 was relsed a couple of days ago and whilst it may feel identical to the current version there are some differences that we want to talk you through today. This post includes a highlighting all the enhancements of the new version at the end of the post.

The first thing we noticed was the wireless synch which is now live in Beta 2. This is grt because now all users have to do is plug in their device once and set it up through iTunes to sync it and then when you device is synching you will see an icon appring on the iOS status bar.

The lock screen design in Beta 2 is also slightly different. The notifiions are now more prominent on the lock screen and there is a pull down menu allowing users to access other notifiions and take action on them.

There is also an enhancement for those who like to do tasks in landscape mode. In previous versions text was almost invisible when the board was enabled but now the virtual board automatically slides out of the way whenever the text undernth is interacted with.

iOS 5 is due to be publically relsed to the eral public in the autumn and there are some new devices anticipated too. iOS 5 has brought several improvements and Beta 2 has the vulnerability that allowed iOS 5 to be unlocked using a GEVEY Sim card. iOS 5 is currently only available to those who are registered with . The below will walk you through all that is new in iOS 5 Beta 2.

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