Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Vodafone UK Revls iPhone 5�s Colours and Memory Capacities

We all know that the official iPhone 5 launch is just around the corner now and carriers alrdy have all the details about the next eration iPhone. Vodafone which is a popular Europn carrier has accidentally revled the existence of a white and black iPhone 5 on their UK website including details about the memory capacities that the iPhone 5 will be available in.

The iPhone 5 was accidentally revled on their product page for the Vodafone Sure Signal which is a signal boosted that is used in crowded ars to incrse a phone�s signal. This page detailed the list of supported products which included the iPhone 5 32GB in white and black and also the iPhone 5 16GB in white and black.

We are sure that this mistake will be noted and pulled immediately and the company will surely say that it was just a typo or glitch on their page. With all the information that has come out on the iPhone 5 and including the fact that it is due for relse in October this information is probably correct and just slipped out before the official launch was revled.

What we do know from this however, is that the new iPhone 5 will come in both black and white models and that there might not be a 64GB version. With only weeks to go until we get all the official details it rlly does sound like what we have been reported on the iPhone 5 for the past couple of months now is more than likely going to be made official very shortly.

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