Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Unlimited Data Plan For iPhone 5 with Sprint

The iPhone 5 is due to be announced any day now and according to numerous reports, four major US carriers will be getting this next eration iPhone. Sprint is one of these carriers and in a bid to lure customers onto their network they are going to be offering an unlimited data plan.

Unlimited data plans are grt and they allow customers to pay a flat monthly fee for an unlimited amount of bandwidth. This is grt for anyone that enjoys strming s or music on their or those who need to perform other connection intensive tasks.

Smart have become rlly popular and most carriers have discontinued their offerings of unlimited data plans so the offer for the new iPhone 5 with unlimited data from Sprint is grt. This rlly is going to give Sprint a rlly competitive advantage and it will attract more users to their network which is something that they rlly need.

This report has come from an anonymous source so it should not be taken as gospel until official confirmation has been received. The iPhone 5 will be announced very shortly and once this happens we will know for sure exactly what carriers will be stocking it and what plans they will be offering. If Sprint are going to offer an unlimited data plan this rlly is going to be grt news for all those people who are waiting to get their hands on the brand new iPhone 5. Until then though, we will just have to wait and see.

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