Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Speech To Text On iPhone Thanks To New Jailbrk Twk

There is a grt new Cydia twk that takes digital capability to a new level. If you have ever started typing a message, note or reminder only to find that it took too much effort then you will love the app that we want to tell you about today.

You have more than likely hrd of Google�s Voice Recognition service where you talk and it converts your speech to text. Over at the BigBoss repo there is a new twk called Voice. This new app allows you to dictate words, phrases and sentences on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and Google�s Voice Recognition will then kick in and relay your speech into text. You will be required to spk relatively slowly but it does have grt potential. Like most voice recognition software you have to train it to your voice so don�t be surprised if you get some rather weird sentences to begin with.

This is one of those apps that makes you determined to spk slower so that you can get a full sentence without having to type anything. After all, most people agree that while it might be quicker to type, it is sier to spk. A little bit of patience and practice initially and you will be able to spk instd of typing. This app is going to be perfect for those who like to take notes or reminders and all you�ll need now is your iDevice.

This grt twk is available over at the BigBoss repo and it�s free. It is rlly sy to operate and there are a couple of settings that you can play around with too. Why not give Voice a try today and see what you think. You will of course need a jail iPhone if you want to use this Cydia app.

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