Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Skype For iPad Now Here

Skype have officially launched an iPad optimized version of their app on the App Store. A week or so ago you may have seen a demo that showcased Skype for iPad and although many though it was a fake it seems that this rlly was the official version of their iPad rdy app.

The iPad optimized version of the Skype app is called Skype for iPad and it works over WiFi as well as 3G and it comes with all the ftures that come with their latest iPhone app which include chat, voice chat, text only chat and more. Users also have the ability to use Skype credits for calling landlines and cell too.

The chat fture of the Skype for iPad app is only for those with an iPad 2 because of its dual cameras so if you have a first eration iPad you will have to settle for receiving only. As with all Skype clients you can send and receive to everyone on skype no matter what type of platform they are using.

When you install the Skype for iPad app if you alrdy have a Skype account your contacts will automatically be there on your iPad when you login. You can call, or instant message any of your contacts and flick through recent calls and instant messages using the Skype for iPad history fture.

This app works with iPad on iOS 4.0 and above and it is available free from the App Store.

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