Tuesday, May 24, 2016

New iPhone To Be Unveiled This Week

The news we have all be waiting for has finally been announced. Last week Inc. e-mailed invitations to their media even last Tuesday. This invitation says �Let�s talk iPhone� which implies that intends to show off the latest version of the iPhone at this event.

It has been 15 months since rolled out the iPhone 4 and now fans worldwide are gring up for the next eration model the iPhone 5. The event that is to be held this week is going to be the first event without Steve Jobs and his successor Tim Cook is going to take the ld.

A new iPhone is expected to be revled with a of changes. The biggest changes are expected to be inside the phone with the introduction of �s latest iOS mobile software, iOS 5, which was due to be relsed in the autumn. iOS 5 is said to include things such as wireless device setup and content synching and a beefed up camera. Email and web browsing apps are also said to be improved. A new iMessage service will also allow iOS 5 users to send text messages to ch other over Wi-Fi or wireless camera. A new folder called Newsstand is going to contain all newspaper and magazine app subscriptions so it will be sier to find.

A new iPhone is also expected to include �s forthcoming iCloud service which will store content such as music, apps, photos and documents on �s servers and let users access them wirelessly on different devices.

The new iPhone isn�t expected to look that much different from the iPhone 4 but it is thought that it could be thinner and have a bigger screen. An improved camera is also expected. A new hardware change that is to be expected is the inclusion of �s dual-core A5 processor which should improve things such as multitasking and gaming.

All the questions and rumors that have been circulating for some months now will all be laid to rest at this event and once we have the news you will be informed.

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