Tuesday, May 24, 2016

New iPhone App Improves Eyesight

There is a new iPhone app coming out that could actually reduce the amount of time that you need to wr glasses or contact lenses. This new app is called GlassesOff and it is being developed by Ucansi and is expected to be relsed in the next couple of weeks.

The GlassesOff app has been found to improve eyesight in people of 50 to that of a 40 yrs old and this was after just 40 sessions of using the app. Sounds pretty grt doesn�t it? Studies have also shown that this app can help people to rd sentences more quickly.

When you purchase this app and use it you will get a grey screen with a white circle and then s at random places on the screen. These s can be blank or have blurred lines or patterns on them and what you have to do is pick out the specific gabor that pop up where the white circle is. What happens is that eye muscle gets a workout which helps to keep the eye young and hlthy.

If this sounds like something you would like to try out then be warned, it is going to retail at �60 for three months when it hits the app stores. Seems pretty pricey but if it rlly does do what it says it will work out cer than laser eye surgery. It is going to be available in the App Store later this yr and if it does well I�m sure we will see some other developers producing similar apps that will be available in the Cydia store.

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