Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Knockoff iPhone 5 Emerges In China

The schematics of the iPhone 5 were a couple of days ago and apparently the people from Shenzhen have crted a knockoff iPhone 5 design alrdy. Can you believe it, after only a couple of days these guys have managed to replie the design and have relsed a knockoff model of what should be the next eration iPhone.

China is known for producing plenty of knockoff gadgets and the city of Shenzhen has now replied the new iPhone 5. This may sound like grt news to many but what you have to remember is that although they may produce a lot of fake gadgets, they come with terrible software so be warned.

According to many reports the iPhone 5 is due to be relsed later this yr but it seems that Shenzhen couldn�t wait. According to GizChina.com the model that they have replied does seem to follow the shape of the iPhone 5 case designs and looks very similar to the schematics which fture a curved design with the overall look being very similar to that of an iPhone 3GS.

The knockoff product does help people to visualize what the finished product will look like and according to rumors the new iPhone 5 will have a thinner profile, a larger screen and a larger home button. You can buy the knockoff iPhone with 64GB of memory and a java based OS for approximately $108.

If you want the rl thing however we suggest that you wait until the official launch of �s next eration iPhone which should be available in September or rly October of this yr.

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