Tuesday, May 24, 2016

iPhone 5 To Have A Smaller Than 4� Screen With A Metal Back

New reports have suggested that the upcoming iPhone 5 will have a slightly larger screen than the iPhone 4 and edge to edge display which is going to be achieved by slimming down the panel�s bezel.

This latest report comes from DigiTimes which cite upstrm panel supplier which have supposedly revled that the iPhone 5�s panel size will be less than 4�. This could mn a 3.7� display which will be achieved by ensuring that the bezel is as thin as possible. This could actually make the next eration iPhone�s display an edge to edge one.

Another thing that this report points to is that the back could be made out of metal instd of glass.

This all comes despite rumors that the iPhone 5 will fture a 4.2 inch panel as sources from upstrm panel suppliers have revled that the iPhone 5�s panel size will still be less than 4 inches. In addition to this, the iPhone 5�s back design is being changed to a metal chassis instd of reinforced glasses.

As usual, there is no way to confirm this report until actually announced the next eration iPhone but rumors of a larger screened iPhone have been doing the rounds for quite some time.

In other iPhone 5 news, there are reports that the iPhone 5 will be made available on Sprint and T-mobile which is grt. This will rlly help to strengthen �s position against Android smart. The iPhone 5 is expected to be announced shortly and it�s official relse will be late September or October.

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