Tuesday, May 24, 2016

iPhone 5 To Have LED Indior For Notifiions

An anonymous source who is being called Mr. T has stated that the next iPhone is going to have an LED indior placed next to the camera which will flash whenever new notifiions are received. This is similar to what is alrdy available on the BlackBerry and will be invoked whenever a user receives a text message something that uses the notifiion service that is built into the iOS.

This sounds like a grt id and a flashing LED light would make is so much sier for users to see if anything needed their attention without having to touch their . iOS 5 was announced last month and this took notifiions to a whole new level so this rumor is another grt addition if it�s true.

The next eration iPhone which could be the iPhone 5 is due to be announced at �s yrly music event and this will also include the new iPod and the final version of iOS 5. Many people are suggesting that will focus on improving the next iPhone by incrsing the camera size and adding a dual A5 process to give the phone a performance boost.

There are always rumors circulating when it comes to new products and until the official unveiling we rlly can�t tell what the next eration iPhone will be like or the ftures it will have.

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