Tuesday, May 24, 2016

iPhone 5 Screens Being Produced By Wintek?

Some s have surfaced giving rise to speculation that the people over at Wintek could actually be producing iPhone 5 screens. Winteck were the people who mass produced the screen for the iPhone 4 so could this be true?

The s that were taken were a little blurry and distant but the designs that were photographed were very much in keeping with various other rumors and s that we have seen over the past couple of months. In these photos we can see that the reports of the elongated homescreen button might just be true which is grt.

The screen in these pictures also looks to be wider than the iPhone 4�s so again this is good in terms of display msurements. With the iOS 5 almost here it makes perfect sense that more space is added on the screen of the new iPhone to lve more space for the more advanced operating system to display everything that needs to be displayed.

These pictures don�t confirm that Wintek are making screens for the iPhone 5. They could be making screens for any of the touchscreen smart on the market today or those due for relse in the nr future. These pictures do of course look a lot like the iPhone 5.

will of course be producing stuff now to get rdy for their September/October ddline and if these pictures are to be believed then the changes look pretty good so far. You can view these pictures over at MIC Gadget http://micgadget.com/14738/is-wintek-producing-the-iphone-5-screen-right-now/

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