Tuesday, May 24, 2016

iOS 4.3.3 To Be Relsed To JailbrkMe 3.0

iOS 5 is nring completion stages at the moment but today we want to mention that might feel it necessary to issue on final update for iOS 4 which will be iOS 4.3.4. This final update could be relsed to render the recently JailbrkMe iPad 2 jailbrk useless.

This was identified when a pre-relse version of JailbrkMe 3.0 was by a private beta tester. This is the first widely available untethered iPad 2 jailbrk all thanks to a PDF in Mobile Safari. If are going to put a stop to this then we recommend that you backup your 4.3.3 SHSH blobs now before it�s too late.

The first version of JailbrkMe was relsed in 2007 and it also relied on a PDF that was present in iOS 1.1.1 which fixed. Then came version 2.0 which was also quickly fixed. It makes sense now that might be looking to stop the new relse of JailbrkMe befoe the official version is relsed and according to prominent developers in the jailbrking community might alrdy be fixing the PDF vulnerability. They are urging users of 4.3.3 to back up their blobs and stay away from the update.

If you do have a jail iPad and you want to keep it this way then you rlly will need to avoid the new update when it is relsed by . We will keep you updated on this issue as more information is relsed but until then you are advised to backup your 4.3.3 SHSH blobs and sit tight.

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