Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Higher Resolution iPad 3 and iPhone 5 In October

According to reports, Taiwan based suppliers are getting parts rdy for the next eration iOS devices. Yes is seems like the new iPhone 5 and the next eration iPad are being prepared. This report states that both of these devices should be seen in September or October of this yr and the next iPad could also sport a higher resolution screen.

Foxconn are going to be in charge of assembling the device and parts will be obtained from several different makers including Largan Precision, Simplo Technologies, Dynapack International Technology, TPK Holding and Wintek, cher.

According to rumors are hoping to ramp up the manufacturing of the next eration iPhone and with this list of parts makers it looks as if the rumor is true. What we are not sure of yet is a relse of a new iPad this yr. Relsing a new iPad 3 would fall out of the iPad�s yrly relse cycle. It might be more likely that we will see a new iPod Touch in September or October instd which is actually due for an upgrade this yr. The new iPad 3 will probably not be seen until rly next yr which would actually be consistent with previous relsed.

This report has stated that is planning that the next eration iPad will have a higher resolution screen at 250dpi which will allow for better text and s. I guess we rlly will have to wait until September or October to see if these rumors are true and exactly what will be relsing.

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