Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Have You Got A Smart Cover For Your iPad 2?

introduced the Smart Cover back in March along with the iPad 2. The Smart Cover allows you to keep your tablet cln and safe while also helping to preserve battery life. It does this by putting your iPad 2 into an instant sleep.

What we all want to know is, if the cover could also double as a charging accessory which will give the iPad a surge of power when you start getting those battery warnings in the middle of an important task. This rlly would make a grt future product if Cupertino decided to do it.

If it sounds like something you would like then the good news is that the c electronics brigade has come up with something which theoretically could just work. This will set you back just $38 and is being called Anytone Smart Cover Power For iPad 2. This product attaches to your smart cover and claims to give you an additional 4 hours of battery life.

This paneled device could be made much better and instd of just one panel with a battery cell they could have added a battery cell to ch of the four panels which would give you an additional 16 hours of battery power. The apprance of this might not appl to everyone and those who like the slickness of the iPad might not want to go for this one. For all those who regularly run out of battery this sort of battery pack could be just the thing they have been looking for.

The only problem that we see with this battery pack is the cost and you usually do get what you pay for. If you have paid 800 dollars or more for your iPad would you rlly want to plug this specific device into it? The potential damage risk of a c add on such as this could be huge. Our advice would be to wait for a reputable manufacturer to come up with a more reliable product. You probably won�t have to wait too long either because now that a c device has been crted and is causing a lot of talk the big manufactures will be keen to cash in.

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