Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Google+ Updated For iPhone And iPad

News has just rched the srch engine giant Google has updated its iOS client for Google+. This new update includes a of new ftures that allow this social network app to now be on par with its Android counterpart. It also ftures usability improvements too.

If you have this app you will notice the main new ftures right away as there is now support for +hangouts which is Google�s group calling service. +Hangouts is available on the web version of Google+ since day one and is very much like a chat room and users can join and lve the +hangout of their authorized circles anytime they want.

Google+�s messaging fture which was called +Huddle has been renamed messenger and for the first time this also include picture sharing. Users will also find that they are now able to +1 comments and there is improved srching too. Users can also customize push notifiions and more. The full changes and updates include joining hangouts from your mobile app, sending photos in messenger, +1 on comments, map view in profile for places you lived, improved +mention support, share posts with individuals and an improved public srch for people.

Google has gone all out with their new social networking strategy and Google+ is enjoying a rsonable amount of success so far but whether it will take over from the likes of Twitter and Facebook is yet to be seen. The new improved Google+ app for iOS is available for free from the iOS app store for both the iPhone and the iPad.

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