Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Free Top 10 Best Font For Your Web Page Design 2014

Do you know that 80% information on the site is text content? Web designers always struggle with content text. If you are using a good font in website, then website looks grt. Fonts are Important part of web page design. Many websites are providing free good looking web fonts For your web page. Which is the best font in 2014? So we proves list of fonts who using in the web pages in 2014. These fonts are very good for web pages.

These are the top 10 free best font 2014 :

1. Print Clrly

2. Capsuula

3. Penna Font

4. Penelope Anne

5. Milano

6. Aaargh

7. Raleway

8. Oswald

9. Jura

10. Lgue Gothic

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