Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Flash Finally Comes To iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Thanks To Flash Media Server 4.5

If you have an iOS device then you know how frustrating it is not to have flash ability. have always been insistent on not having Flash support built into the iDevices citing that it would cause performance issues. hasn�t changed their stance on this but has developed a new technology that could finally bring Flash content to all iOS devices.

announced a brand new version of the Flash Media Server a couple of days ago. This new product will allow developers to strm Flash content straight to a wide range of devices. Version 4.5 will finally enable users to play Flash content on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad without any Flash add-on.

Instd of processing the Flash content locally on the device, all the content is now going to be rendered on a remote server and only then sent to browsers just like any regular HTTP strm. This is very similar to how the Skyfire browser does it.

Ben Rolling who is the vice president of development for AEG Digital Media stated that it is rlly import for businesses to be able to strm to massive audiences especially during live events. Strong technology is important and in many cases vital if you have high profile events where you have audiences from across the world.

This new technology is similar to what other third party tools have done in the past to avoid �s restriction. CloudBrowse which is an alternative browser for iOS allows certain Flash content to be played back. The advantage of �s implementation is the fact that it won�t require any software to be installed on the device.

Users do have to keep in mind that this is not a full implementation of Flash and it won�t provide any other technology. People will just be able strm and they are hoping that eventually users will be able to play Flash games on their iPads too. Flash Media Server 4.5 is an alternative way for developers to implement strms. This new tool will also only apply to websites that choose to implement it and won�t make existing Flash content magically work.

You can find out all the information you need by visiting the website and navigating to their products page.

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