Tuesday, May 24, 2016

EZCast appliions latest versions (8 August 2014)

EZCast is powerful Wi-fi Display appliion, you can use EZCast to transfer sily and quickly photos, music and s from smart , tablet PC, notebook computers or desktop computers to the , monitor or projector.

What's new in Android EZCast v.1.1.412 version (2014-08-07)
1. add game (liar's dice).
2. add app push notifiion.
3. support casting to Ezcast music dongle.
4. add UI to report web site which fails to playback
5. support HQ/LQ switch in cloud ?

My Tronsmart T1000 just upgraded today Ezcast firmware to 12128 version. It looks like that soon it will get the new 12332 version.

What's new in EZCast firmware v. 12332 version (2014-08-07)1. Fix Spanish displaying error issue. 2. Add show page for WiFi list.
3. Fix Youtube seek issue.
4. Fix music logo abnormal issue.
5. Speed up OTA.
6. Incrse boot music volume.
7. Improve Airplay stability.
8. Optimize A/V synchronization.
9. Fix G2 miracast connection issue.
10. Refine user interface.
11. Fix some WAV files playback issue.
12. Improve WiFi stability when there is no external WiFi AP.
13. Support 192K sample rate music.
14. Support 24bits, 32bits WAV music.

What's new in PC EZCast v. version (2014-08-07)
1. add web, cloud , live functions. 2. Add comment function.

Here you can download the previous versions pack.
Tronsmart T1000 is an amazing Mirror2 dongle.

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