Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Download Android stock firmware for Beelink M7B Box

Download Android stock firmware for Beelink M7B Box from here, here or from here.You can download the firmware for M7B 1G/8G model from here.

Archive file size: 361 MB
Model:M7B 2G/8G
Platform: Amlogic S802B
file name: M7B_108k4_beelink.img

What's new:
1.Add 1080P24Hz support;
2.Support for NTFS/CIFS; --Offered by wasser
3.Change Input method to Latin,and remote can use;
4.Update Play Store;
5.Support for Mele F10 air-mouse; --Pulled from Bob's FW
6.Support for Xbox/PS3; --Offered by Bob
7.Change method of Root access; --Offered by leolas
8.Add kill-recent-task function; --Offered by daemonium
9.Update xbmc to Gotham 13.1,fix 4k playback and 2160P/720P HDMI display issue; --THX stane
10.Add remote function in Recovery Mode;--THX leolas
11.Adjust MBXLauncher,add Yahoo wether and Cln-Memory function,fix slow animation issue;
12.Fix issue->Power- of Remote might ld to reboot;
13.Improve small probable of blurred screen

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