Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Cuts iPhone 4 Orders Ahd Of iPhone 5 Launch

According to reports, has told its suppliers to assemble less iPhone 4 models ahd of the next model launch which should take place this autumn. iPad orders remain strong and the same so nothing new to expect here.

According to an industry source, supplier have seen disappointing orders from and this has nothing to do with iPhone 4 sales because this iDevice is still a hot seller. Instd it is being reported that is likely preparing the relse of a next eration iPhone which is expected to be announced in September. The new model many are claiming will be the iPhone 5 and will probably look similar to the current eration iPhone.

iPad orders are still rlly grt and they are expected to grow 70% next quarter to 8 million units since no new model is in sight at the moment.

Rumors of a future iPhone have been doing the round for months now and this is what happened with previous iPhone relses too. Reports initially pointed to a major upgrade but this seems less likely thanks to model s that have been . It is expected that the new model will have similar ftures but more RAM and a faster processor are expected as is a larger 8 megapixel camera.

Like all the rumors and reports we rlly do have to take them all with a pinch of salt because until actually relse their next eration iPhone we rlly won�t know exactly what to expect.

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