Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Comex Relses Source For JailbrkMe 3.0

Just like he promised, iOS Comex has relsed the source for this jailbrking tool JailbrkMe 3.0. The will now allow those who are capable to rd through it and understand how JailbrkMe 3.0 works.

Comex is well known amongst the jailbrking community and he is especially known for his JailbrkMe series of jailbrking tools. The first version of this tool worked on iOS 1.1.1 for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The second version worked on iOS 4.0 an all iOS devices and the third version was relsed just a couple of weeks ago.

JailbrkMe 3.0 which is named Saffron works on all iOS devices that are running iOS 4.3.3. It uses a PDF found in Mobile Safari along with some other magical techniques that makes this the fastest jailbrking tool around. This is also the first tool that was able to jailbrk the iPad 2.

Comex has relsed the source for Saffron so that other s will be able to go through it and crte their own tools. As it currently stands, JailbrkMe 3.0 won�t jailbrk iOS 4.3.4 as updated the iOS firmware to the that Comex used in Jailbrk Me. If you are a and you fancy taking a look at the Saffron source to see if you can come up with another solution you can get it at GitHub.

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