Tuesday, May 24, 2016

BadgeClr Allows You To Clr App Notifiions Immediately

The notifiion system that was introduced by has cause a lot of uproar with iOS users with their notifiion badges. These notifiion badges do serve a purpose and they tell us how many things have happened the only problem is that they can be annoying to get rid of because you have to open ch app and mark the notifiions as rd.

This can be very time consuming and it would make things so much sier if you could just clr all the app notifiion badges. There is a jailbrk twk that will allow you to do just this and it is called BadgeClr. BadgeClr can be installed via Cydia and once installed tapping and holding the icon will make it jiggle and then all you have to is tap on it and it will clr all your notifiion badges.

Once BadgeClr has clred all your notifiions a popup will appr to confirm that your notifiions have been clred successfully. BadgeClr is available to download and costs just $0.99 under the BigBoss repo. This is a small price to pay but if notifiion badges are annoying you and taking up too much of time to clr then this could be the answer to your problems. Remember you will have to have a jail iDevice to make use of the BadgeClr app.

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